The First Supper collaborates with Elisava

News & Press by Britt Elvira Ruitenberg
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There are no wrong answers to this initial question, just theories that need to be discussed. TFS is all about that, about starting a discussion on spirituality and creativity in the digital space, and seeing in what ways the technological progress is redefining the human experience.

In order to explore the different fields of interest, TFS relies on collaborations from the academia and has the support of institutions linked to the creative industries, which now also includes Elisava.

The 'smart' in our cities

The course is exclusively for second-year students from several study areas –Product Design, Space Design, Interaction Design and Graphic Design–, who are going to explore the relationship between the feeling of faith and the technology of the urban landscape. During the course, according to Elisava’s Academic Director Albert Fuster:

After this observation, students will have to design, under the guidance of TFS members, a system that reflects the online side of human experience and emotion. More specifically, explains Fardoe Ruitenberg from TFS:

The confessions and answers will be registered on a website, and eventually presented in a final piece in the shape of an installation.

An online experience

This partnership with Elisava serves the purpose of creativity. Integrating the creative energy and capabilities of students provides an opportunity to showcase their ideas and the explorative nature of the project. It’s about understanding the logics behind algorithms and systems as they grow around our lives, and imagining future scenarios of a digitalized world.

Working with the academia is one of the many different forms that The First Supper is undertaking as an incubator in the creative ecosystem. Aiming to open a space to reflect on the future of living in smart cities, on spirituality and technology, and on faith and rationality. Projects of this kind will certainly build up meaning while we face the innegable coexistence of both the scientific and the mystic areas of the human experience.

Stay tuned!

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